Tuesday, May 17, 2016

fourth chakra healing

Heart Chakra

'Anahata' the translation is "unhurt, unstuck,or unbeaten." The heart chakra is in the midde of your body, balancing both matter and spirit. spirit being the three chakras above and world being the chakras below. Be open with your emotions (transparent) in other words pour your heart out either by talking or writing. This is to help heal your HEART(CHAKRA). practicing yoga can help by teaching you to live in the present and forgetting the past, past problems or past love ones, and if we worry about the future it may cause stress, there for yoga is a Technic to just live in today's moments(this is different from being prepared for tomorrow it doesn't mean you have to live a carefree life and not think of the consequences of tomorrow from the actions of today.
ACCEPTANCE, is a big one for the Heart chakra, accepting ones self, accepting what we can and cannot control or accepting our responsibility. 
little tip: Accepting what you cant control can also provide you with happiness.
REMIND your self of three things daily:
  • Love is the greatest healer(especially loving your self)!! <3
  • "Acceptance is with the Heart not with the eyes"
  • Live in present time("yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why it is called the present"-kung fu panda turtle master to panda)
Heart Healing Yoga;
  • camel pose
  • eagle pose
  • back bending 
    camel pose

    eagle pose

    eagle pose

    back bend

    back bend

    camel pose

    back bend
Preferred foods:
Leafy veggies are best to open up your "heart" and green tea helps as well :)
Heart chakra chant while meditating;
"YAM" you may meditate chanting the word YAM when you feel that your heart is close(too focused on past or stressed about the future) and the vibration sound from chanting this is supposed to help you connect with your chakra.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Positivism, Negativity, Creativity

What motivates us?(detour for today on chakras :))
I many times have found myself with lack of motivation, energy and will. I used to just look up ways to motivate myself on google until I one day decided, maybe ready could help me. I began to read "the magic in thinking big" the bog is a network marketing book, but as a network marketer you must be prepared in every sense, including your energy level. The book had an interesting subject over therapeutic methods to keep your mind positive and open to good things(Law of attraction).
I have learned that there at least 3 things that are beneficial from positivism:

  1. Your Health(makes your immune system stronger)
  2. Your personality(first impressions make a difference)
  3. Your life opportunities(Law of attraction, all good comes to those who wait and even more to those who work for it right?) 
3 exercises to increase your positivism:
  1. List at least 3 things a day to be happy about
  2. when you have to recall your past only recall the good.

so you have 3 examples of the benefits and what to do, don't forget that these exercises can be done in meditation or as you do yoga and it will work more efficienty

Healing your solar plexus

To activate Manipura (solar chakra) 

Okay, first thing is first, when doing any exercises to activate the chakras you must always locate it first. Manipura is right above the naval and below the rib cage. this part of your body is usually where you get your gut feelings(intuition) lie.  solar plexus is associated with the color yellow, so when doing these exercises don't forget to imagine a sunflower over your Manipura area for full effect. surrounding your self with yellow candles or yellow things can also help heal Manipura and you will find that you will have a good glowy feeling as this occurs.

What to eat to heal solar plexus: Bananas, granola and grains, pasta, rice, flax, sunflower seeds, yogurt and spices such as ginger, chamomile, turmeric, cumin and mint.

How to heal Manipura with nature: walk in the sun, sit in front of bond fire or fire place can have a quick effect.

Heal Manipura with scent(not preferred): Sandalwood, rose wood, chamomile (you can both consume chamomile tea and benefit from the scent) and rosemary.

Healing Manipura with sound: "E"chanting RA in E (while meditating preferred)

Healing Manipura with yoga:

  • twisting core strengthener
  • down dog knee to nose
  • high lunge twist
  • intense side stretch
  • seated twist
  • child's pose (my favorite pose) 
  • corpse pose
Affirmations to heal Manipura:
"I understand and acknowledge that I have the power to make decisions in my life"
"I have the power to choose"
"I accept and choose Love"
"I choose and accept Light"
"I choose and accept Healing"
"I feel a sense of freedom in having the power to choose"