Monday, May 16, 2016

Positivism, Negativity, Creativity

What motivates us?(detour for today on chakras :))
I many times have found myself with lack of motivation, energy and will. I used to just look up ways to motivate myself on google until I one day decided, maybe ready could help me. I began to read "the magic in thinking big" the bog is a network marketing book, but as a network marketer you must be prepared in every sense, including your energy level. The book had an interesting subject over therapeutic methods to keep your mind positive and open to good things(Law of attraction).
I have learned that there at least 3 things that are beneficial from positivism:

  1. Your Health(makes your immune system stronger)
  2. Your personality(first impressions make a difference)
  3. Your life opportunities(Law of attraction, all good comes to those who wait and even more to those who work for it right?) 
3 exercises to increase your positivism:
  1. List at least 3 things a day to be happy about
  2. when you have to recall your past only recall the good.

so you have 3 examples of the benefits and what to do, don't forget that these exercises can be done in meditation or as you do yoga and it will work more efficienty

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