Friday, March 4, 2016

6th chakra

The sixth chakra: The Third Eye

The third eye, or the sixth chakra is located between the eyes. This chakra is known to be the "doorway to the spiritual realm". The third eye is also known to be like your psychic eye, it is your "sixth sense". Balancing this chakra increases your intuition and ability to discern. This is why it it considered to be your psychic eye, it gives you sight in to your circumstance or situation or really anything your dealing with. Another name for your third eye is, Anja which means "beyond wisdom". Having a balanced Anja can enable you clairvoyance, telepathy, lucid dreaming, expanded imagination and visualization. In this world we encounter our five senses every day. At least once in your life no doubt you've encountered at least your sixth sense. 
WARNING SIGNS of an unbalanced sixth chakr:


  • judgemental
  • inflexibility
  • pragmatic
  • "know it all" personality
  • "see it to believe it" mentality
  • close minded or stuborn
  • fear of change
  • aimless thinking 
  • lack of concentration 
  • "follower"
These conveniences are seen daily but like said before can be balanced through meditation and yoga. (stay tuned for more information on chakras and the way to balance them). 

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